Here Are 6 DIY Ice Cube Beauty Treatments For A Summer Skin Refresher

Many people know that ice has beneficial effects on the skin condition. The effect of using ice on the health of the skin is caused by the contrast of temperatures. This procedure makes the skin tones, has a strengthening effect on the vessels and walls of collagen fibers.

Ice activates the following processes: the narrowing of the surface vessels and the widening of the deeply located, ultimately resulting in an excellent flow of blood; as soon as the ice cube is removed from the skin; ice cubes promote the improvement of metabolic processes in cells, smoothing of wrinkles and regenerative processes in tissues; ice strengthens the skin, there is a narrowing and cleaning of the pores; ice based on herbs fills the skin with vitamins and minerals.

The procedure should not be carried out for more than 5 minutes. In order to have the maximum effect from the contrast of temperatures, it is better to use ice cubes immediately after a bath or shower, in the morning or in the evening.

Today we offer you to look at 6 best ice cube recipes for the most beautiful and radiant skin:

  1. Rose Antibacterial Cubes. Make tea from rose petals and then make ice cubes. You should massage your skin for about 20 seconds using rose ice cubes.
  2. Chamomile Calming Ice Cubes. Make ice cubes from chamomile tea, massage your skin with them and you will help your skin relax.
  3. Green Tea Puffy Eyes Cubes. Make ice cubes from green tea and apply them every morning to remove eye bags.
  4. Cinnamon Acne Busting Cubes. Make ice cubes from cinnamon and rose hips. Using them you will get rid of acne and other skin inflammations.
  5. Cucumber Cooling Cubes. Ice cubes made of cucumber and lemon can refresh the skin and make it shiny.
  6. Star Anise Cleansing Cubes. Make ice cubes from orange juice and star anise and you will clean the pores and make your skin beautiful and healthy.

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