Rub This In Your Hair To Stop Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth!

Baking soda is a common household ingredient you can find in anyone’s house. It’s a rising agent with numerous other uses – some people use it for cleaning, while others use it to improve their overall health. Baking soda is even beneficial for the skin and hair, and one of the most powerful natural remedies for hair problems.

Baking soda has a positive effect on our hair. It will strengthen it, give it better volume and resolve problems such as dandruff.

Here are some of the best baking soda hair benefits:

Removes shampoo and conditioner residue

  • Washing your hair with baking soda will remove all the residue left behind by shampoos and conditioners.
  • If you ever need to clean your scalp perfectly, baking soda is the best way to go.

Removes chlorine

  • If you often go to the swimming pool, your hair can accumulate chlorine which will stay on your scalp even after you’ve washed it thoroughly.
  • Over time, the chlorine will make your hair lifeless and brittle, but it can be removed with the help of baking soda.
  • Wash your hair with the compound to eliminate the excess chlorine and keep your hair color.

Promotes hair growth

  • If you’ve been unable to deal with your hair loss, baking soda is your best bet.
  • The compound can promote hair growth and stimulate the hair roots, which will result in healthy, strong and lush new hair.

Here’s a nice baking soda shampoo recipe you can use to wash your hair every day:

  • Mix baking soda and water in a 1:3 ratio in a spray bottle – the longer your hair is, the more you’ll need to adjust the ratio.
  • For shoulder-length, we recommend a tablespoon of baking soda and 6 tablespoons water.
  • Spray the mixture on damp hair and comb it through, then give your hair a regular wash after 2-3 minutes.
  • Regular use of the mixture will strengthen your hair follicles and roots and make your hair look better than ever before.

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